RAFFL Workshops

Record-keeping Systems

February 19 – 3:00-5:00 @ Castleton Community Center

Facilitator: Becky Maden

What information do you record on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?  How do you decide what to track?  Are you using Excel or Quickbooks?  What could be done to make your record-keeping systems more efficient and useful?  Learn about the record-keeping systems that farmer Becky Maden developed and used while co-managing Intervale Community Farm and then join the discussion to share what systems have worked for you.


Enterprise Analysis

February 26 – 4:00-5:30 @ RAFFL Office, 67 Merchants Row (3rd floor), Rutland

Presenter: Jen Miller, New Farmer Program Coordinator at RAFFL

In order to fully understand your farm business as a whole, it is necessary to assess how well each specific part of your business is performing.  The process of enterprise analysis allows you to do just that.  In this workshop, New Farmer program coordinator Jen Miller will walk through the process of enterprise analysis and provide information on how it can be helpful as a decision making tool.

Note:  Jen will also be available for 1-1 time after the workshop to answer individual questions.  Contact her at jen@rutlandfarmandfood.org or 417-7096 to set up a meeting time. 


The How, When, & Why of Accessing Business Capital

March 4 – 1:00-2:30 @ RAFFL Office, 67 Merchants Row (3rd floor), Rutland

Presenter: Benneth Phelps, The Carrot Project

Every farmer or food entrepreneur needs to understand financing as a business tool—even if it’s not needed now. This workshop will offer insight on the specific lending options available for farm and food businesses and what lenders are looking for, as well as help you consider when and why to seek financing.  The Carrot Project offers financing and practical assistance to farms and food enterprises in the Northeast.  Benneth Phelps is the Loan and Business Assistance Coordinator.

Note:  Benneth will also be available for 1-1 consulting to answer individual questions after this workshop.  Please contact Jen at jen@rutlandfarmandfood.org or 417-7096 for more information or to schedule a 1-1 session. 


Deciding on Scale: What size farm is right for me?

March 16 – 5:00-7:30 @ Evening Song Farm, Shrewsbury

Facilitators:  Kara Fitzgerald & Ryan Wood Beauchamp, Evening Song Farm; Lisa MacDougall, Mighty Food Farm; Adam Stevenson & Kristin Jacoby-Stevenson, Old Gates Farm

Many factors go into the decision of desired farm size and what makes sense given the specific situation of each individual farmer.  Each of the farmers facilitating this discussion operates at a different scale and will share their stories of how their farm has evolved to the size at which it currently operates.  Join us to discuss how you decided on farm size and the questions you have about what size farm is right for you.

This gathering will include a potluck dinner so bring a dish to share if you’d like!


Animal Slaughter & Processing

April 6 – 4:00-6:00 @ Smokey House Center, Danby

Facilitators:  Mara Hearst & Eben Proft, Someday Farm; BJ Hathaway, Hathaway Farm

Farmers have a diversity of approaches to the slaughtering and processing of their animals and poultry.   Hear from these farmers about their choices and systems for slaughtering and processing. Come ready to discuss what works for you, where you have encountered challenges, what policies and regulations you would like to see changed, and whatever else is on your mind.

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