An Inspiring Article on Starting a Farm from the Seed Hopper, High Mowing Seeds’ Blog

By Katie Spring employee of High Mowing Seeds and co-owner of her own new farm, Good Heart Farmstead

I didn’t know what to expect in May 2009 when I started my first day as a farm crew member.  It was on a small start-up farm in Northfield, Vermont called the Green Mountain Girls Farm.  It was their first year running a veggie CSA, I was their first employee, and as the season progressed there were many more firsts to be had.  Fresh out of college with a BA in Environmental Studies and English, I decided to spend the summer on a farm, deepen my relationship with the food I ate, and hopefully start to eat meat again. (I knew that if I were to give up vegetarianism after six years, I’d have to be intimately connected to the animal I ate.)

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Fundraising Dinner for JohnDee Farm

Early in the morning of March 11, a fire started and devastated John Marro’s lower barn. John runs a small dairy farm on the East Road in Tinmouth, called the JohnDee Farm. Unfortunately the fire consumed the barn, hundreds of bales of hay, his tractor, equipment and most of his sows, piglets and heifers. He was able to rescue six piglets and one heifer before the barn collapsed. By daylight local farmers were already there to help. Hay and shelters for the pigs arrived!

Want to help? Don’t miss the fundraising dinner, silent auction and raffle this Saturday, April 13, at 5 pm at the Tinmouth Community Center.

Dinner will include shepard’s pie, lasagna, baked ziti, chicken pie, goulash, baked beans, salads and pies. There will also be a silent auction and 50/50 raffle. All proceeds will go to the Marro family and dinner is by donation.

For information about the supper contact Gail Fallar at or call 446-2870. Those interested may also call Sherri Ruane for the silent auction at or 446-3105.

To make a donation to the rebuilding, send a check made out to John Marro to: Cathy Reynolds 143 Channel Road, Tinmouth, VT 05773.


Groundworks Work Party & Free Stuff!

Groundworks Farm in Pittsford is picking up and moving to Maryland and they sure could use a helping hand in the (daunting) process!

Here is a message from one of their committed CSA Members: 

Hello, fellow supporters of Groundworks Farm!

As you all know, our farmers have purchased land and will be moving to Maryland soon.  There is so much work in moving a farm, and some of those jobs are things only Margaret and Kevin can do.  However, there are some big jobs which would benefit from a group of willing hands!

On April 7th, I will be coordinating a group of YOU to help pull some plastic out of the defrosted ground to clean up the fields.  This is not a hard job, it’s just a big one, and with Kevin getting things ready down in Maryland, it would be really helpful to Margaret if we could spend a few hours and get it DONE!  Bring your whole family or a group of friends for whatever amount of time you can between 9am and 4pm (we will take a ½ hour break for lunch at 12:30) and pitch in.  We will provide some snacks, just be prepared for dirty work.

The more the merrier–and the quicker the job. 

I hope to see you then. 

Kim Stice


Also, FREE to a good home:

1) Plastic Buckets

2) Tires (good for weighing down tarps on compost piles, building small raised beds and anything else you can imagine)

3) Row cover with some holes in it but still good for frost protection

Contact Margaret if you could use any or all of these things:



New Farmer Listening Project

If you are a new farmer and are interested in sharing your story with others read this message from Katie Endicott and contact her to become a part of this great project!

“I am conducting a single issue Listening Project with new farmers
concerning their experiences, realities, and challenges as new farmers
primarily in accessing land and capital. My intention is to derive this
content ultimately as a contribution to a policy advocacy campaign working
to promote resources and opportunities for new farmers(namely the Beginning
Farmer and Rancher Opportunity Act within the 2012 Farm Bill). I am
contacting you today to inform you of my work and in an effort to extend my
network of contacts for new farmers. Could you share my project with new
farmers within your program or provide me with contacts for new farmers(10
years experience or less)? Those interested in participating and sharing
their story may contact me directly at or at
267-625-9521. Many thanks for your interest and assistance! I look forward
to hearing from you.”

Linking Healthcare and a Sustainable Food System

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy Food and Community Fellows posted a great story about a “new farmer” couple in Michigan. This story highlights the connection between healthcare and creating a sustainable food system.

Check the photo-essay out for yourself by clicking here.

This slideshow is part of an ongoing project whose mission is to blend compelling images with poignant stories to influence public opinion and shape public policy to support a “good” food system and justice for all. 


FarmPlate Seeks Young Farmers


FarmPlate is working to profile young farmers across the country. They would like to profile as many Vermont young farmers as possible. The profiles will be featured on the FarmPlate blog.

Click here to see the profiles of other young farmers!


If you are under 40 and are farming in Vermont please fill out the questionnaire below!

Click here for a copy of the Young Farmer Profile Questionnaire. Please return the form to Jeff Gangemi by emailing