2013 Internship at Larson Farm

Photo Courtesy of Larson Farm

Photo Courtesy of Larson Farm

Larson Farm
69 South Rd
Wells, VT 05774

Contact: Rich Larson, Cynthia Larson

Phone: 802-645-0865

Email: cynthial@myfairpoint.netlarsonrr@myfairpoint.net

Website: http://www.Larsonfarmvt.com

General Description: Larson Farm is a diversified grass-based dairy farm. We produce and locally market raw milk, grass-fed beef, and free-range eggs from our 40-cow Jersey dairy, a 20 cow Devon beef herd, and pastured poultry. We have a growing raw-milk clientele, and supply an award-winning local artisan cheese maker. We hope to do more of the work with our draft horses. Spring 2013 projects include sprouting grains for hens, maple sugaring, build a moveable greenhouse, and repair rotation fences. Apprentices will learn about alternative animal health, soil re-minaralization, and working with livestock.

Internship Starts: Open
Internship Ends: Open
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: None
Minimum Length of Stay: 8 weeks

Meals: Basic food is provided, along with kitchen privileges. We are currently sharing 5 meals/week, rotating the cooking. Meals are a great time to share experiences and dreams.

Skills Desired: Responsibilities include the care and management of livestock, daily pasture rotations, some milking, barn cleaning and tractor work. We are also open to assisting an energetic and committed person to develop their own enterprise on our farm, perhaps on shares. This opening is for a person who is passionate about sustainable local food production and who enjoys working with animals.

Educational Opportunities: We have daily and weekly meetings for planning, goal setting, check up, and brainstorming. We teach, we demonstrate, we work beside, we share management decision logic, we encourage input. We also enjoy pasture walks, conferences, and seminars, and include those who want to come.

Stipend: Stipend is possible depending on experience.

Housing: This is a year round opportunity. We provide a private room, kitchen privileges in a separate part of the house, and weekday noon meals where we share in meal preparation.

Preferred method Of Contact: Email

Internship Details: Apprentice must be a willing worker. Some of the work is physically demanding. We want apprentices who are energetic, efficient workers and are excited about helping us to produce nutrient-dense food, develop a local food system, increase sales, and maintain a pleasant, attractive farm. Activities are a mix of help with cattle and horses, and time spent marketing our milk, beef and eggs.


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