What: Students are actively researching crops in school greenhouse trials providing data on production and flavor profiles for use by professional growers

Where: the Middlebury Union High School Greenhouse

When: Friday May 15th 9-10:30

Why: Students have the opportunity to influence crop selection that can be used by farmers in farm to school work

The Alternative Education students who manage the Middlebury Union High School greenhouse have been busy this spring running seed trials for early spring greens production. The students seeded greens in early March and have been recording data on time to germination, time to harvest, soil and air temperatures, as well as qualitative data on taste. Students have seeded many varieties of kale, spinach, and lettuce, as well as some unusual varieties such as Italian dandelion greens, garden sorrel, purple orach, as well as many others. There are several varieties of spinach being raise too: Space, Regiment, Shelby, Corvair, and Pigeon
The purpose of this trial was to record all the growth and harvest data and have it available to local growers that do early spring production as well as winter greens production. The data as well as actually getting to see the varieties growing, and the opportunity to taste the varieties should be valuable to anyone growing commercially.

Please contact Steve Colangeli for more information on the open house. His email is scolangeli@addisoncentralsu.organd phone is 802-382-1185


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