Larson Farm, Wells, VT

Larson Farm is a 320 acre grass-based dairy and beef farm in Wells, VT, 23 miles SW of Rutland, VT and 5 miles east of Granville, NY.  We sell high quality, 100% grass-fed, raw Jersey milk to a growing market, including delivery to farmers’ markets.  We milk 20 jerseys and have a 30 animal Devon beef herd. We are actively restoring our soils.  We also have a small horse boarding operation, some basic horse infrastructure, and an interest in draft horses.  We have a lively internship program which enriches the lives of all involved.

We are looking for other farmers to farm with us.  Possibilities for farmer-owned enterprises on our land include poultry, lamb, market and value-added vegetables, apples, small fruits, pork, woodland development, education/agritourism, and even value-added dairy.

We envision others starting their own farm enterprises on the property to utilize the existing farm resources:

  • We have a lively small farm store, where we sell raw milk and grass-fed beef to a growing and enthusiastic clientele.
  • There are 3 year-round Farmers’ Markets w/in 40 minutes of us- Rutland, Dorset, and West Pawlet.
  • There are three 3-BR homes on the farm, as well as a 3-BR intern apartment.
  • Equipment on the farm includes two tractors, a 9-foot rotovator, and various other pieces of equipment, some horse-powered.
  • A 42-KW solar array provides power for the farm.
  • There may be hourly work available on the dairy.

We want to form a collaborative community here, sharing resources, labor, and lifestyle, to the benefit of all.

For more information, please contact Cynthia & Rich Larson at: 802-645-1957 or


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