Community Solar Arrays

Do you have an acre or two of land currently not in use? Why not use it to help community go solar?

SunCommon is seeking land in Rutland County to host some of our exciting new Community Solar Arrays. SunCommon is a mission-driven Vermont solar company and it’s our goal to make it easy and affordable for any Vermonter to go solar.

With each array in our Community Solar program, 25-30 households can become members. How it works is that they pay a fixed monthly membership fee that earns them solar credits and replaces their energy bill. Throughout their membership they’re guaranteed an energy savings no matter the current utility rate!

What we’re looking for is approximately 1-3 acres of open, non-forested land.  Anyone interested should get in touch, at which point we’ll do a viability check to make sure it’s a suitable site.

Here’s how you benefit:

      We compensate you for use of the land

      You get first claim on as much of the array as you’d like

      After you, we give membership priority to your community – making you a solar hero to your friends and neighbors!

Interested? Get in touch with Mike McCarthy at 802-233-7587 or


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