CRAFT 2015 Planning Meeting – January 8th

Do you hire farm workers, apprentices, or interns?  Do you ever wish that you could provide them with more educational opportunities during the season?  Joining the Rutland-Bennington CRAFT network might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

What is CRAFT?  CRAFT stands for Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training.   This program seeks to educate farm workers who are interested in becoming farmers themselves by providing a diversity of on-farm educational experiences throughout the season.

2015 will be the fourth season of CRAFT in this area and we are looking to expand the program.  The core group of farmers is looking for a few more farmers to participate in the network this season.  Gatherings will happen approximately once per month from April through November and involve a farm tour, workshop, and potluck.  Benefits and expectations of participation are as follows:

Benefits of Farmer Participation

  • More knowledgeable employees
  • The ability to attract an improved applicant pool of workers by offering additional employment benefits
  • An opportunity to share your personal expertise with aspiring farmers
  • The chance to network with other CRAFT farmers

Expectations for Farmer Participants

  • Mandatory attendance at the January planning meeting
  • Ensuring employees have the time and ability to attend monthly CRAFT workshops
  • Commitment to either hosting a CRAFT gathering or attending a minimum of two events at other farms

If you are interested in becoming involved in CRAFT, please contact Jen at or 417-7096.  There is a planning meeting this coming Thursday, January 8th from 2:00-4:00 at the RAFFL office (67 Merchants Row, 3rd floor, Rutland) for all 2015 participants.


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