On-Farm Composting in Rutland Area

Hi all- See the message below from Alex- he’s helping the Rutland Solid Waste District research composting options in our area and is looking to talk to farmers who are potentially interested in getting involved!



My name is Alex Utevsky and I am currently doing some technical assistance work for the Rutland County Solid Waste Management District. One of the things they have asked for help with is identifying a farm in the Rutland area who might be interested in receiving food scraps (“Source-Separated-Organics” or SSO) on their farm.
This could be a vegetable farmer who wants to import more nutrients onto their farm, or a livestock farmer who has abundant composting feedstocks and could therefore easily compost food scraps.   Another possibility that seems to be an increasing trend is for egg producers to receive food scraps as a feed supplement or alternative feed source. In fact, while working with Highfields Center for Composting I recently had the opportunity to assist Wheaton Squier in Tinmouth to launch a food-scrap collection/ chicken-feeding operation.
I think any of these types of operations could work; the most important factor being a farm that is has the capacity and desire to incorporate an integrated enterprise into their current operations and who sees the multiple values of on-farm composting of SSO.
Please contact me with any questions or interest.
Alex Utevsky
Compost Technical Services



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