Manure Application Survey Responses Needed!

Ginger Nickerson of UVM Extensions is conducting a survey to gather information to influence policy about manure application to fields of all sorts.

Here is the policy background motivating this survey:

The FDA has deferred the decision re: interval of applications of raw manure to certain crops for some years while they do more research for a few years.   They are still saying that they do ultimately want to have a quantitative (rather than qualitative) standard for application of raw manure.  For the meantime, they are accepting the NOP standards of 90 and 120 days, and wanting to encourage farmers to transition from the use of raw manure to composted manure.  In their request for public comment, they have specifically asked for information on the use and prevalence of raw manure, especially on small farms, and information on barriers to transitioning from raw manure to compost.

And here is the call for survey participants:


If you grow fruits or vegetables for sale and apply raw manure OR graze livestock or poultry in fruit or vegetable production areas, please take a few minutes to answer this brief survey.

The FDA has decided to defer extending the interval between application of raw manure to certain vegetable crops and harvest time, until they can conduct scientific research and a risk assessment- including gathering more input from stakeholders. Your responses to the survey can make a difference!  Your responses will be used to help UVM Extension providers understand current practices in Vermont, and provide comments to the FDA on appropriate manure application intervals for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Questions? Ginger Nickerson, or (802) 505-8189.


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