Rutland County Farm Bureau ~ Call for Resolutions

Please see the message below from Chris Sheldon, co-president of the Rutland County Farm Bureau.  And stay tuned for a posting about the meeting date:


Our county board is planning our county annual meeting in October.  The date is still being decided.

We are trying to reach out to other farmers in Rutland County.  Some opportunities include: come to our meeting, join farm bureau, suggest concerns for resolutions, serve on the county board…
At our county meeting we will share farm bureau history.  Another thing we do at our annual  meeting is to create and vote on resolutions which the members use to build policy at the state annual meeting.  We are looking for ideas for resolutions from farmers who are not on our board of trustees.  It could be something really broad or something specific.  For example, I know there have been some things discussed over the summer like the wood cheese aging.  People most involved in activities referenced in resolutions tend to know how the resolution should be worded to be most effective.
Thank you in advance for your input,

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