Goat & Sheep Dairy Supervisor Wanted

Southern Adirondack Goat & Sheep Dairy has an immediate opening for a dairy
supervisor. This is an excellent opportunity for someone with dairy
experience. The position includes a three bedroom farmhouse and health
benefits and paid personal leave after a three month probationary period.
Wage will depend on experience but our pay scale is very competitive for
dairy work.

Responsibilities include overall herd health and well-being, milking and
breeding record keeping, inoculations, breeding program maintenance, four
weekly milking shifts and the supervision and coverage of milking shifts and
personnel as well as care of kids and lambs two days per week.. Some
knowledge of equipment and facilities maintenance is a plus.

We have approximately 350 goats, more than 60 sheep and a variety of farm
sanctuary animals. Physical fitness is required for this position with the
ability to repeatedly lift a seven gallon milk can (approx. 55 pounds) or
throw a 50-pound bale of hay.

For more information about this position please call 518/623-3372 or email
<mailto:sheilaflan@aol.com> sheilaflan@aol.com.   You can also learn more
about our farm by visiting  <http://www.nettlemeadow.com/>


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