West Swanton Orchard and Farm Market for Sale

A message we received from Steven J.Bourgeois:
Our family started and operated West Swanton Orchard and Farm Market beginning 1977.We have an active retail business that sells apples, gifts.and a small line of groceries and have a very active pick your own program. There is a wholesale business to the local stores.
There is a sorting and packing line and a cider operation and large cooler for the apples housed in a separate building from the retail section.There are five buildings in all including a year round owners apartment.
We are located on Route 78 in West Swanton which provides a substantial vehicle count which is critical to our retail and pick your own business. Naturally there is all of the orchard equipment available to sell.
Our plan is to sell the front 4.7 acres where all of the buildings and infrastructure are situated. The trees are not organic but all of the surrounding fields are and have been hayed by a local organic dairy. We are not listing this with an Realtor.
I got your name from Heather Darby as I discussed our future plans with her last year. She is familiar with our business and of course its location. I have witnessed many small farm sales such as this over the years and am confidant that this would be a tremendous opportunity for someone that is or wants to be in farming. The fact that it is an established business with strong sales and a great location should provide comfort to new owners.
My brother and I own it and feel that it is time for new ideas and enthusiasm to bring the business to a new level.
We would appreciate your forwarding this email to others that might have some interest.
Thanks for your time reading this and for any further action.

Contact: P 802 868 4447


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