April Permaculture Events with SAGE

Upcoming Permaculture events with SAGE (Shrewsbury Institute for Agriculture Education)

Fri 4/25 7:30-9 pm
at the Shrewsbury Library
FREE and open to all

Permaculture 101: Cultivating Ecological Lives and Landscapes with Permaculture
Permaculture offers a design system to help meet our needs in our own backyards while at the same time working to revitalize them.  Rooted in a set of adaptive principles, permaculture thinking encourages us to look at the world through a new lens where problems become solutions embedded in endless possibilities that help guide our decision-making.  Learn about the fundamentals of permaculture design through design case studies, applied techniques, and anecdotes, and discover the ways this applied science can help you create diverse, productive, resilient landscapes and cultivate a vision of an ecological culture.


Sat 4/26, 9 am-5 pm
at 224 Frank Lord Road
Sliding scale feePermaculture Site Analysis and Design Charrette

The art of ecological design is a conversation between humans and landscape.  In this day-long intensive, learn how to facilitate that conversation in a real world setting.  Using the lens of permaculture, we’ll analyze and assess our host landscape, taking note of the resources, opportunities, challenges, and ecological realities it presents.  Then synthesize this information, working to tell the ‘story of the site’ – which ultimately serves as the foundational framework for permaculture design.  With this newfound knowledge, we’ll work together to develop novel design concepts that respond to the realities of the landscape and the needs of our clients, creating a harmoniously integrated solution set.  And finally return home from this workshop with a systematic process and toolset to help you approach design for your own backyard, farm, homestead, or community.Pre-registration required for Saturday’s event. To register, email your name and contact info to  sagevermont@gmail.com or call 802-492-2087.

Presented by Mark Krawczyk. Mark Krawczyk is a permaculture designer, traditional woodworker, natural builder and community organizer who has begun to build a resilient homestead in New Haven, VT. He owns and operates Keyline Vermont – a permaculture design/consulting business, RivenWoodCrafts – a traditional woodcraft company, is a member of Seven Generations Natural Builders and is a founding member of the community group Burlington Permaculture.

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