Spring Events with the Vermont Young Farmers Coalition

Mark your calendars!
The first two VYFC events of the year are happening this month!

  1. We are launching the new era of the Vermont Young Farmers Coalition with a Spring Soirée on March 22nd! We are thrilled to invite you to a vibrant evening of meeting great people, eating delicious food and kicking off a fantastic new growing season for the VYFC. Thank you to Kalyn Campbell, owner of the Family Cow Farmstand for generously offering her place as a location. The address is 32 Taproot Farm Ln, Hinesburg, VT. Bring an appetizer to share, all of your farming friends, and some creative new ideas for the VYFC to take on. More details to come!
  2. Kenzie McDonald will be hosting the first of our monthly potlucks this Thursday March 13th! It is designed to be a fun way for us to connect, share food, ideas and maybe do some more planning for the March 22ndSpring Soirée. I am particularly excited to hear any ideas that people have about how we can procure free beer and live music. I am also interested in activities people think would tease out some ideas for the new and improved VYFC! This potluck will take place at Wellspring Farm at 182 Lafiria Pl, Marshfield, VT 05658. Can?t wait to see you all there!


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