Low Interest-Low Hassle Loans Now Available

 Loans are available immediately from the Vermont Farm Fund at a low 3% interest rate to help Vermont farmers and food producers grow their businesses.  The Vermont Farm Fund is a revolving loan fund of farmers lending to farmers; as borrowers pay back loans, funds are replenished for the next borrowers.  We like to keep our money working out in the Vermont Agricultural Community and have funds available now to make some new loans. 

Who borrows from Vermont Farm Fund?  Bob Lesnikowski at Vermont Cranberry Company, known to many as Cranberry Bob, is one of over 25 borrowers we have throughout Vermont.  He received a $10,000 loan from VFF last fall.  Here is what Bob has to say about his experience with the Vermont Farm Fund:

“The Vermont Farm Fund application process was simple, straightforward and fast.  The loan I received will be used to build an FDA inspected facility that will enable us to expand our product lines and reach new markets.  The Vermont Farm Fund’s streamlined loan process made this next step possible while I stayed focused on what really matters to my business – growing and producing cranberries.”

Apply today!  For more information and an application go to www.VermontFarmFund.org.


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