Farm Record Keeping– Options, options, options

UVM Extension New Farmer Project

Financial record-keeping involves two tasks:  Recording and Reporting.  Ledger books like the New England Farm Account Book can provide a good place for recording, but to make a report you have to transfer numbers from one page to another.  However, if you are a pencil and paper person, you can buy these ledgers at your local UVM EXT office.  If you are not, last year, University of Maine Extension created a free Excel version of the New England Farm Account Book.  To find out more, please ask <> or This computerized version both records and reports!

Computer programs allow for both recording and reporting.  When people do not know what they are doing with a computer program, it is easy to keep adding accounts (or categories) and get reports that are 2 or 3 pages long.  I like to see a financial report that summarizes…

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