SARE/NACAA Applications Due March 15

SARE/NACAA Search for Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture: Applications due March 15


Properly interseeding cover crops into standing corn can help increase yields by 15 percent. But improper application can cause up to 40 percent of the crop to be lost. This is just one of the lessons taking root in Missouri thanks to the effective teamwork of University of Missouri Natural Resource Engineer Charlie Ellis and Agronomy Specialist Rich Hoorman.
Ellis and Hoorman were recently named finalists in the SARE/NACAA Search for Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture program, which recognizes educational programs that advance the adoption of sustainable management practices by farmers and ranchers.



Through on-farm research and strategic partnerships with the Midwest Cover Crop Council, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) Ellis and Hoorman shared research-based cover cropping strategies that can earn an additional $100 per acre while preventing crop loss. Using a wide range of workshops, webinars and demonstration plots, Ellis and Hoorman have reached over 600 farmers in Missouri and the upper Midwest.


Please encourage innovative NACAA members in your state to submit a Search for Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture entry by March 15, 2013. Individuals or groups named as finalists in each of the four SARE regions receive an honorarium for presenting their innovative educational programs at the NACAA conference.


How to Apply
See the NACAA website for information and application guidelines. NACAA members in good standing can submit applications online.

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