Assistant Farm Marketing Manager Position at The Berry Patch

The Berry Patch in Stephentown NY is recruiting for an assistant farm marketing manager whose primary responsibilities will be to manage our on-farm store, coordinate restaurant orders, and coordinate farmer’s market needs.  Production work in our greenhouses and/or fields will also be included in duties during crunch times.  We are looking for someone with a passion and knowledge of local farms and food; and an interest in helping customers learn how to enjoy local foods.

The desired candidates should have creativity, enthusiasm, flexibility, curiosity, and a proven work ethic. Candidates should be motivated and have a positive attitude and be able to work independently, quickly and efficiently.  Applicants with a long term interest in farming, marketing and a desire for entrepreneurial opportunities are preferred.

The Berry Patch is a small scale, diversified family farm run by the wife/husband team of Dale-Ila Riggs and Don Miles.  The farm is a first generation family farm that was started in 1995 from a worn out corn field.  The farm is a sustainable operation that is customer oriented, friendly and provides a unique opportunity for learning.  The farm’s motto is “Always fresh, exclusively local, growing twelve months a year”.  Our mission is to provide products and services that improve the health, well being and quality of life of our customers, our community, our employees, and our family.

For a complete position announcement email us at


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