Do You Feel Like a Butcher?

Another great post from Cole the butcher!

cole's cuts...the Gourmet Butcher speaks!


You know you do – that’s why you’re reading this. And wondering how to get started cutting your own meat. 

Enter – me. And some beginner tips.

I always recommend starting with a half a pig. Pigs are the easiest and most straightforward animals to cut. Plus, there’s sausage! I often lead sausage-making parties here in Vermont. Sausage making with pork trimmings is total fun . . . and who doesn’t like sausage? 

Leaving sausage aside, you’ll also get much more variety processing your own pig, because you’ll be able to get cuts that simply aren’t offered in supermarkets anymore. Things like shoulder pork chops, boneless Boston butt pork roast, fresh pork hocks, pork belly, fresh ham steaks, and more. Like jowels.  From the head.

If you don’t eat pork—oy vey, tref! (look this up in a Yiddish dictionary)—then you can start with a beef primal cut (like chuck or rib)…

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