First in series of Farm Legal Issues webinars- Dec 2

Next Week, Monday Dec. 2nd, at 6pm Central, tune into Farm Commons’ free webinar: Overview of Farm Legal Issues for direct-to-consumer and organic farms.

Register here.

This webinar is geared to for the beginning farmer and the experienced farmer interested in creating a plan to tune-up their operation, legally speaking. Attendees will walk away with action items and understand which of Farm Commons’ detailed winter webinars will be most relevant to their farm.

This winter, Farm Commons is offering a series of eight free webinars on legal issues for farmers who market their product directly to consumers. Direct-to-consumer farmers are building a new food system, but farmers and advocates alike often don’t realize the unique laws and regulations that affect these unique farm operations. Addressing these potential issues before problems grow is essential to the growth of a stable, resilient community of farmers. The webinar series will begin with an overview session on December 2nd with more detailed webinars to follow. Farmers may attend the overview to decide which legal subjects apply to their farm, or go straight to the detailed webinars that address on-farm events, CSA programs, adding value to farm products, and legal issues such as contracts and food safety. Our schedule addresses the legal needs of beginning and established farmers alike.

Farm Commons provides fast-paced webinars that help farmers move forward. Our webinars break down legal concepts into actionable steps. Although not specific to state laws, we help farmers figure out when they have an issue and how to begin resolving it. We understand that farmers are busy. Our webinars are scheduled in the evening to be accessible to farmers with field work or a day job. Farmers with no or a slow internet connection will be able to join by phone. Questions are welcome and we will leave enough time for discussion after the presentation. Each webinar will be recorded and available for later viewing. Register at

December 2: Overview of Farm Legal IssuesFarm-Commons
December 17: Community Supported Agriculture Legal Issues
January 13: Hosting On-Farm Events
January 28: Workers and Employees
February 10: Selling Products to Larger Buyers
February 25: Starting a Farm
March 10: Adding Value to Farm Products
March 25: Food Safety Liability and Regulations

Farm Commons is a nonprofit organization that provides the legal resources sustainable farmers need to become the stable, resilient foundation of a community-based food system. For more information, contact Rachel Armstrong at or 608 616 5319.


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