Opportunities for Beef Farmers

Opportunities with Adirondack Graziers Cooperative!

Two food distributors interested in local grass-fed beef are pursuing a relationship with Adirondack Grazers Cooperative. They are looking to procure lots of 8-14 animals every 2-3 weeks. The request is for 18-26 month old grass-fed animals dressing out at 550-650 pounds.

The cooperative, which provides gourmet fresh and frozen beef, is discussing working with non-members who meet the protocols and might be interested in trying out this group marketing opportunity.  The pay rate for the farm works out to be close to $1.70-1.75/pound on the hoof.

The critical point the cooperative has been providing for farmer members is the ability to focus on production, growing wonderful animals, producing high quality forage and maximizing time spent on those endeavors. The effort of marketing, billing and distribution has been moved to the staff of the cooperative to coordinate.

If you are interested in trying out the group or joining as a member, please call 518-638-8263 or 917-941-0481 or visit the website www.adkgrazers.com to learn more about our story and farmers.



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