Butchering Workshop at Green Mountain Girls Farm

If you’ve ever wanted to break down your own pork or goat, this day long workshop with Cole Ward is for you!Cole-instructing-300x225

Friday, November 8th  8:30 – 4 pm (or so) at Green Mountain Girls Farm in Northfield

Cole Ward mixes hands-on butchering with teaching; his encyclopedic knowledge of the meat sector makes him a sought-after lecturer and seminar leader at culinary academies,colleges, and agricultural and sustainable-living conferences.  He is convinced that the more people know about where their meat comes from, the more control they will have over their own and their family’s health.  His full butchery course was recently released on the two DVD set The Gourmet Butcher and he has a book forthcoming from Chelsea Green, “The Gourmet Butcher’s Guide to Meat”, available in January.

In this workshop, Cole will provide instruction and hands-on learning about how to cut pork and goat meat and your options for various cuts.  This will all be done with some of the farm’s pasture-raised, humanely managed pigs and goats.

Whether you want to learn how to cut meat yourself, what your options are when you have meat butchered or make purchases or just want to have a fantastic learning adventure about how meat can be raised, slaughtered and butchered sustainably, this is great option.  Cole will captivate you with stories as well as the swiftness of his knife and the farm will delight you with delicious sustainably and humanely raised meats and veggies.

The all day workshop includes:

  • 6-8 hours of observation, instruction and hands on learning butchering pasture-raised pigs and goats in the farm’s retail cutting space (all inside!)
  • Delicious, Seasonal Farm Fresh lunch with ingredients from the farm served in the farm’s new Farmhouse Inn/event space featuring our pasture raised meats!
  • a Farm Tour
  • Coffee and morning snacks
  • Fresh, custom cut pork and goat meat will be available for sale, bring your cooler.

Workshop Price: $90/person

Click here for more information.


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