And the Survey Says . . . Farm Labor & New Farm Development

Check out the results of the farm labor survey sent out last month by UVM’s New Farmer Project!

UVM Extension New Farmer Project

A few weeks ago, the UVM New Farmer Project and Women’s Agricultural Network asked for your input on how farm labor challenges affect your businesses. You gave us quite an earful, and we couldn’t be more grateful! 

Milking GoatsOver 330 people responded to our survey, providing us with lots of data and new insights into labor challenges on small-scale and diversified farms. We’ll use your input to guide future programming, but in the meantime, we want to briefly share highlights of the survey results so far.

Comfort with “Being the Boss:” Overall, farmers who responded to the survey reported confidence in your ability to be “a good boss” and to create a positive work environment.

Your top 3 labor challenges? Managing employees efficiently; training employees to work independently, and finding skilled labor. “I spend spend too much time holding hands, not enough time with big picture stuff,” one farmer reported.


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