Soils-Based Land Use Planning Workshop

Wednesday, November 6th, 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Two Dog Farm & Smokey House Center, 426 Danby Mountain Rd, Danby


On November 6th, please join RAFFL at the Smokey House Center and Two Dog Farm in Danby, Vermont for a workshop on soils-based land use planning.

The workshop will begin with a brief farm tour led by Two Dog farmers Sue Katt & Steve Cash. On the tour participants will learn about the farm’s vegetable, berry and livestock enterprises and get a sense of the farm’s geography. Two Dog Farm’s landscape will be used as a case study for the remainder of the workshop.

Following the tour, Ben Waterman, coordinator of the Land Access Program at UVM’s Center for Sustainable Agriculture, will kick-off his portion of the workshop with a focus on such topics as soil analysis, water and nutrient resource management and planning for infrastructure improvements. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about identifying and managing perched water tables, assessing and managing soil texture and soil structure, and field verifying soils maps. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss strategies for improving drainage and water source development in detail.

Following the outdoors portion of the workshop, we’ll move indoors to the classroom space provided by the Smokey House Center. There, Erik Engstrom of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources will give an in-depth presentation on the online Natural Resources Atlas. Following a brief tutorial from Engstrom, participants will be invited to explore the various tools the Atlas offers to quickly and easily measure area, map soil types and explain their characteristics, assess likelihood of flooding, and calculate slope of a parcel among other great tools.

This workshop will give farmers the opportunity to better understand their soils and moisture management techniques as well as additional insight into the nuances of their farmland in planning for infrastructure improvements or scouting land to lease or buy. Detailed farmland mapping, as demonstrated by Erik, can also be useful as recordkeeping and production planning tools.

This workshop will take place rain or shine. The beginning portion of the workshop will take place outside unless there is a drenching rain or an electrical storm, so please come prepared for the weather. Farmers are welcome to bring a laptop to try mapping their property on the Natural Resource Atlas during the workshop.

Following the workshop farmers are invited to stay and eat lunch while sharing insights and ideas. If you plan to stay on after the workshop, please bring a bagged lunch.

Please register for the workshop by November 5th by following this link:

Soil Health


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