Farming in a Floodplain Survey-Please share your feedback with UVM Extension

Do you grow vegetables, other crops or graze on floodplains or near a body of water? Does that land ever flood?  We are looking for input on how planting woody perennial crops might play a role in farm plans. If you farm in a floodplain or along a waterway, please help us out by taking this short survey now! Click Here:

The UVM Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture, NOFA Vermont and West Virginia University are developing programming to help farms in floodplains stay resilient and viable. We are interested in determining whether planting woody crops that can be harvested might reduce flood risk while providing both environmental and economic benefits. This survey is designed to gauge your interest in participating in educational programs related to woody crops on floodplain and riverside soils and to gather some baseline data on the challenges and needs related to farming in floodplains.

The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete. Responses will be kept confidential. We will be collecting responses through October 13. Thank you for supporting our efforts to create programming that is relevant and accessible to the farming community!
Survey Link:

Please fill out the survey only once per farm!

Questions? please call or email Ginger Nickerson


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