Does Your Customer Share Your Worldview? Probably not…

Here’s a great blog post from Mary Peabody, be sure to give it a glance!

UVM Extension New Farmer Project

You have passion for what you do! You love your product — not just a little but a whole lot! You are sure small-scale, diversified farming will save the local economy, the state, and heal the planet. And finally the rest of the world, including your customer, has seen the light! Right? Probably not.

Chances are good your customer shares some of your core values but probably not all of them. Certainly not to the same degree. That’s OK! Your customer is allowed to love your product just because it is a superior product. Or because it will impress their dinner guests with it’s local origins. Or because it will give them bragging rights at the company water cooler on Monday morning. 

Still, it would be a wonderful thing if our customers agreed with all our philosophies right? Maybe not. Maybe we have to learn to embrace customers who…

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