Primer on Plant Disease…

If you’re struggling with pests and disease this summer, read this post from Jessie and don’t forget about UVM Extensions resources, the plant diagnostic clinic and plant pathologist Ann Hazelrigg are there to help people like you!

UVM Extension New Farmer Project

Every season has its challenges, but 2013 may go down in the Vermont record books for weather extremes.  The dry spring, followed by ongoing heavy rains, high temps, and crazy humidity has left plants (and quite a few growers!) stressed.

Plants, like us, have immune systems that respond to disease pressure, but under challenging conditions, their capacity can be diminished.

Ann Hazelrigg, UVM Extension Specialist in Plant Pathology, is keeping tabs on both plant diseases and pests that are appearing in Vermont through her work at the UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic.  She sends out regular updates on pests and diseases through the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association e-newsletter, “Reports from the Field.

To receive this information regularly, join the VT Vegetable and Berry Growers Association.  Their twice monthly updates include reports about crop conditions from growers in Vermont and surrounding counties in New Hampshire and…

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