NYFC Farmers Forum Hosts a Special Guest to Answer Your Questions on Pest Management

Are the flea beetles, leaf hoppers and other intruders wreaking havoc on your farms?  the NYFC Farmers Forum is the place to find immediate answers on managing farm pests naturally with beneficial insects, traps and sprays.

Next week (July 22-26th), Mike Dimock, PhD and Field Director for Certis USA, and Jeff Moyer, Farm Manager at the Rodale Institute, will log on to the forum to answer the questions that you pose to them!

This is the third in a series of experts on the Farmer Forum, and pest management was suggested by a number of farmers as a great topic as we enter mid-summer.  Find some relief for what’s bugging you!

Jeff Moyer is an expert in organic crop production.  Currently the Farm Director, he has been with the Rodale Institute more than 30 years and is also a former-chair of the National Organic Standards Board.  Mike Dimock is the Director of Field Development for a leading developer of biopesticides for use in agriculture.  He holds a PhD in Entomology from Cornell University, with over 25 years experience in research and development of microbial and botanical plant protection technologies.

Questions?  Please contact sophie@youngfarmers.org for more information.



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