Year-Round Forage Planning at Harrisons’ Homegrown Dairy Farm

This workshop is particularly relevant during this soggy hay season!


July 16 

11 am to 2 pm

8180 VT Rte 22A, Addison, VT

Do you have enough pasture to last through the summer slump?  How do you manage when and how to transition to stored feed?  Does that feed last all winter, and how could that affect the rest of this year’s and next year’s grazing decisions?  Whether wet or dry, small or large, the need for quality, consistent, nutritious forage is a must for any dairy or livestock farm to be viable in the long term.  Join Troy Bishopp, coordinator of a SARE multi-state holistic planned grazing project, and Willie Gibson, dairy and livestock advisor with NOFA-VT as they engage in planning exercises and discussion with hosts Pat and Melanie Harrison.  The Harrisons manage about 100 milking cows plus replacements in a certified organic management system on predominately Vergennes clay soils.  In addition to number crunching, we’ll be taking a tour of the farm to look at pastures and talk about the Harrisons’ experience with farmer-led research (they received a VGFA mini grant award in 2012).


Cost: $15 for VGFA and NOFA-VT members, $25 for non members.  Bring your lunch; drinks and snacks provided.

Register online at:


Questions: Jenn Colby, 656-0858 or 656-5459


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