Do you have Kingsbury Silty Clay Loam or Vergennes Clay? We need you!

Help Protect Small Farms!

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture is trying to gather data on producers utilizing smaller-acreage parcels to use as evidence during ACT 250 proceedings. In sum, the Agency is having difficulty in showing that parcels less than 10 acres can qualify as “primary agricultural soils” and be economically viable.

If you are cultivating  Kingsbury Silty Clay Loam or Vergennes Clay (both found in the Champlain Valley), even if you have more than 10 acres in cultivation, please contact me by sending an email to

The agency is working to prove that these soils are in demand for farm businesses and that they should be considered in the Act 250 proceedings.

Your responses will be kept anonymous, and your information will not be shared without your permission the agency just needs to show the number of farms cultivating these soils in this region.

Thank you in advance for responding!

For more information click here.


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