Help the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Protect Farms Less than 10 Acres

A message from Kyle Davis of the VAAFM:

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture is trying to gather data on producers utilizing smaller-acreage parcels to use as evidence during ACT 250 proceedings. In sum, the Agency is having difficulty in showing that parcels less than 10 acres can qualify as “primary agricultural soils” and be economically viable. I would greatly appreciate responses from anyone farming less than 10 acres telling me the county your farm is located in as well as your total acreage.

I especially need this information for Rutland and Caledonia counties as the Agency is currently dealing with 3 smaller parcels there – so it would be very helpful to gather data on the number of producers utilizing less than 10 acres in those counties. Names and town locations are not necessarily important, but provide if you are willing.

Also, if anyone would be willing to attend an ACT 250 hearing to testify, please let me know, and this would be great. However, no one will be required to testify by providing this information.

I really appreciate your help in trying to obtain this vital data.

Kyle Davis
Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets
116 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05620-2901


One thought on “Help the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Protect Farms Less than 10 Acres

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