vermont cheesemaking workshops

A great opportunity to learn the art of cheesemaking from a Vermont legend!

the irresistible fleet of bicycles

2013 is Peter Dixon’s 15th year of Cheesemaking Workshops near his home in Westminster, Vermont.  In our third year at Westminster Artisan Cheesemaking and our first year at the Parish Hill Creamery, the lineup is better than ever! Peter Dixon, M.S.

This year’s series is comprised of two and three day sessions on the fundamentals of making and aging cheese and operating a small-scale, farmstead or artisanal cheese business.   Workshops are tailored to the needs and interests of aspiring cheesemakers as well as experienced manufacturers looking to improve and/or expand their cheese production.    Topics include:

  • Hands-on Cheesemaking;
  • HACCP and Food Safety;
  • Technical Information on Milk Chemistry, Cheesemaking Processes, Affinage, Sanitation; and
  • Practical Approaches to Construction of Cheesemaking and Aging Facilities. 

Also available, Peter’s HACCP-BASED PROGRAM HANDBOOK: A Guide for Farmstead and Small-Scale Artisan Cheesemakers Who Make Cheese by Hand in Small Batches from Raw and Pasteurized Milk  This handbook provides a framework for…

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