crop planning genius

If you try this software be sure to let me know what you thought of it!


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Tech-Savvy Maine farmer Clayton Carter of Fail Better Farm created this sweet crop-planning software and has offered it up for free!  If you’ve always wanted to be more organized but couldn’t find the time, this is your lucky day.  Here’s the dealwheelhoe-stubby:

You’ve found a sweet piece of land, ordered a pile of seeds, rigged up a greenhouse and you’re itching to get started planting … but when should you seed your peppers so that they’re ready on time and how many will you need to fill up 2 beds … no scratch that you don’t care how many beds; you want to know how many to plant so you can sell that cute new chef the 100 pounds they had ordered for the second week in September.  What to do?!

Enter Crop Planning Software

Started in 2007 as a Northeast SARE “Farmer Grant” by a young, organic farmer…

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