Vermont Grass Farmers Association Mini-Grants

Vermont Grass Farmers Association 2013 Member Innovation Mini-Grant

Closing date: March 31, 2013 (postmarked)

The VGFA would like to encourage and support innovative practices to increase the sustainability and vitality of grass-based farming in our region. We are soliciting proposals from members interested in trying new practices to increase profitability, reduce environmental degradation, or test new techniques.

Possible ideas include but are not limited to:
• Extension of the grazing season,
• Innovative grazing practices or infrastructure,
• New forage varieties or cropping systems,
• Evaluation of new or competing products, etc.
Project Requirements

A committee will rank proposals on the following criteria:

• Innovation – the project will bring new ideas to the VGFA community
• General feasibility – the practices will be replicable on other farms
• Measurable outcome – results will be assessed and interpreted
• Accessibility & documentation- results will be presented to VGFA membership.
Possibilities include: pasture walks, posters at the Annual VT Grazing & Livestock Conference,
photos or newsletter reports

The program is also open to non-members. If you are not a current member of VGFA, please enclose an
application fee of $40 with your proposal, which includes a one year membership to the organization.
Send completed application to: VGFA, PO Box 142, Randolph Center VT 05061


Please Find the Application Form by Clicking Here



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