Just released: A Farmer’s Guide to Farm Internships

If you have interns on your farm you should read this guide!

The guide was published in Minnesota and references to state laws may or may not apply for farms in Vermont, but this guide could prove helpful in outlining what federal labor laws apply to you.

Some food for thought from page one of this guide:

I just learned from the first page that interns who work full time on a farm on a temporary basis are entitled to federal minimum wage and cannot be compensated with room or board alone. I also learned  that even though small farms (hiring fewer than seven employees) may be exempt, they are only exempt if their employees only do agricultural work, and selling produce at a farmers market does not qualify as agricultural work.

Read more about regulations you may not have been aware of in this guide by clicking here!

For more insight into farm internships check out this article:  Farming Internships: Vital or Illegal? The Answer is Both by Dayna Burtness


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