“Taking Care of Business” Online Course Starts Next Week!

Starting a Farm? Learn How to “Take Care of Business” in an Online Course This March

Course starts Mar 4, 2013 at 7pm EST

BF 103: Taking Care of Business – Understanding the Business, Tax, and Regulatory Implications of Your Farm  is a 6-week online course designed to help aspiring or beginning farmers better manage a variety of risks that farmers face. Through live webinars, discussion forums, and readings, participants will learn about topics essential for operating a farm business, like insurance coverages, types of business structures and tax information.

Join weekly live webinars on Monday nights from the comfort of your living room, and participate in homework and discussions in the course’s online classroom between webinars. You’ll learn from long-time Cornell Cooperative Extension educator Steve Hadcock and a series of other farm business and tax professionals how to: 

  • Describe the five risks that farmers need to regularly address
  • Comprehend the legal liabilities of operating a farm or selling agricultural products
  • Find the resources necessary to better understand income and sales tax regulations for operating a farm.
  • Evaluate various forms of business ownership and determine which will be best for you at this time
  • Identify rules and regulations (for marketing, food safety, facilities, etc) that are pertinent to the type of agricultural enterprise you plan to operate
  • Use insurance as a risk management tool

The course begins Mon. Mar 4 and runs for 6 weeks. It costs $200 and registration is only open until the first day of the course, or until it fills, whichever happens first. View Frequently Asked Questions about our online courses here:http://nebeginningfarmers.org/online-courses/online-course-faqs/

To view the syllabus and learning objectives for BF 103: Taking Care of Business, or to register, visit:

This course is just one of many offered by the Cornell Small Farms Program in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension. Learn more at:http://nebeginningfarmers.org/online-courses


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