Rochester Vermont Farmland/Homestead/School Opportunity Available

Here is a creative, cooperative land opportunity in Rochester, VT offered through Whole Systems Design WSD_Logo_Web_bgrndLLC, check it out!

The site with available land is com- posed of 175 acres in Rochester, Vermont. Some of this land and infra- structure is available for lease starting in winter of 2013. It is possible that some of this land will eventually be available for sale to those working on the land over time as renters or in a trade arrangement. This land is suitable for multiple projects. The application outlined in this docu- ment will initiate a process wherein the applicant and landowner will work to arrive at lease. Our aim is to encourage multiple uses of this diverse property through providing affordable access to very high quality hill land and existing infrastructure, economic, and technical resources to make projects a reality. It is a secondary goal to facilitate land ownership through this process and eventually work together to be part of a healthy and resilient neighborhood of skilled, independent landowners.

Click here for more info.

rochester pic


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