Fill Out Your Census

The census may not seem especially relevant or important, but it is! The data collected in the census is really important for service providers and technical assistance programs in Vermont. We can’t get funding to help you unless we know you [officially] exist! Please fill out your census by Monday, February 4th!

Here’s a compelling argument I saw in the New York State Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative “Grazette:”

Have you filled out and returned your 2012 Census of Agriculture yet?  If not, please remember to do so by February 4th – Census data is used by many different agencies that directly impact farmers, and is your only opportunity every 5 years to show how your farm is changing.  Also,


Did we get your attention?

In both Section 2 (land) and Section 33 (practices) there are questions about rotational or management-intensive grazing.  Answering those questions appropriately is important for those of you who graze your livestock (and those who provide assistance to you) and would like to see more support for grazing!

If you have not filled it out, or can’t find your paper copy, it can also be filled out on-line at:




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