Attention Farmers in the Rutland Natural Resource Conservation District

Veggie & Livestock Farmers in the Rutland (upper Otter Creek) watershed read this letter from your district manager Nanci McGuire:


Dear Rutland area farmers,

I wanted to make you aware of two new programs available to agricultural producers operating within the boundaries of the Rutland Natural Resources Conservation District.  We created these programs as a way to assist farmers in ensuring economic viability, increased productivity, and environmental sustainability.  We hope that you will take advantage of either or both of these opportunities.

Agricultural Outreach Initiative

Earlier this year, Conservation Districts statewide received funding from the legislature for a program aimed at improving agricultural water quality through education and outreach to beginning, small, and medium farms.  As a main component of this effort, District staff are meeting with local farmers to discuss their farm operation, short-term and long-term goals, management objectives, etc.  Through a series of questions, District staff gain a greater understanding of the farm operation and how it might grow in the future.  Based on this information, District staff then recommend beneficial conservation practices and provide information on what resources and programs are available to get the practices implemented.  Practices include cover cropping, fencing, high tunnels, clean water diversion, water source development, etc.  We have placed a copy of our farm questionnaire online at

Another component of this project is the development of a Conservation Practice Guide.  The guide will include in-depth descriptions of conservation practices, their benefits, associated costs, construction standards, and what technical and financial resources are available.  It will also include pictures of practices and success stories from local farms.  This free guide will be available in early summer.

If you are interested in meeting with us, would like to sign up to receive a copy of the guide, or want more information, please contact Nanci McGuire at 802-775-8034 ext. 17 or e-mail

Aerator Rental Program

With funding from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture an 8’ Gen-till Aeration Tiller and a 15’ folding Gen-till Aeration Tiller are now available for rent to local farms who would like to renovate fields, aerate soils, or incorporate manure.  The cost to rent the equipment is $5 per acre.  Funding to cover this cost may be available through the Vermont Agency of Agriculture’s Farm Agronomic Practices Program. The units reside in Rutland County and are easily transported throughout the District for a small per mile fee.  Folks interested in renting the equipment should contact Jennifer Alexander at 802-558-6470 or email  More info can be found at


Nanci J. McGuire

District Manager

Wondering if your farm is in the watershed? Click here to see the map.


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