Two Webinars Tomorrow 1/29

At 1 pm EST Slow Money is hosting the a webinar titled:  “Castanea Foundation and Ayers Brook Goat Dairy: An Innovative Ag Investment Model.” 

Read an excerpt of their description below, or click here for the full description:

Woody, Allison, and Tim will be discussing the Ayers Brook Goat Dairy agricultural investment model that is creating a demonstration goat dairy, securing a viable income stream for the farm, pairing three non-profit partners in the pooling of capital to purchase farmland that includes funding for a farm easement to conserve prime farm soil as well as capital for the startup.“Our first goal is a return of capital,” says Tim of the investment. “If we get our money back, plus a return that allows us to continue with our 

This webinar costs $25, click here for the registration form.mission, that’s great. But if we get our money back, and that’s all that happens, but 15 years from now there are half a dozen additional commercial goat dairies in Vermont, that’s a home run for us. We’ve strengthened the local food economy, created economic opportunity and conserved land with responsible management. That’s the bottom line.”

At 7 pm UVM Extension’s New Farmer Project is holding a webinar titled Managing Vegetable Transplants for Success. The instructor for this webinar will be Julie Rubaud of Red Wagon Plants. This webinar is FREE, click here to register.

Slow Money whole dollar bill In Soil We Trust


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