Word of Mouth Ways to Find Farmland

UVM Extension New Farmer Project

Seeking farmland?  The following is a brief reminder that a great farm opportunity might be hiding where you least expect it.  Some of the best opportunities are not on the open market, and they are not listed publicly.  They are found using the old fashioned method called word of mouth.

If you are seeking a farm to lease, buy, or for some other type of arrangement, you can enlist the help of people with LOCAL KNOWLEDGE who might be able to spread the word throughout a town or county about what you are looking for.  They might know someone who might know someone who might know someone who is a landowner willing to sell or rent land and farm for a good deal.   Who could some of these people be?   Here are some ideas of people to contact

1.  Selectboard chairs or members of the selectboard.  These people…

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