Farms with a Future is Here! : Chelsea Green

Farms with a Future is Here! : Chelsea Green.

Check out this newly released farm business guide!

farms w a future

A message from the author, Rebecca Thistlethwaite:

New book by farmer and sustainability consultant Rebecca Thistlethwaite is out! “Farms With a Future: Creating and Growing a Sustainable Farm Business” by Chelsea Green Publishing was just released. Chock full of practical information for new and experienced farmers alike, Farms With a Future will help you create the triple-bottom-line farm that you wish for. Each chapter features a case study of an innovative farming model chosen from around the country that will inspire you, caution you, and give you food for thought.

Publishers Weekly had this to say about the book: “In this down-to-earth,
business-oriented guide to running a farm, Thistlethwaite gives new and
prospective farmers a hard-nosed taste of what it takes to run a sustainable
farm and what steps are needed to succeed in this field, drawing on her six
years of farming and a yearlong adventure visiting and interviewing small
farmers across America. The book covers topics familiar to anyone starting a
business—market niches, business plans, financing, accounting, human resources
—in the context of farming, as well as farm-specific issues like finding land,
choosing equipment, managing soil and water, harvesting, and processing. These
sometimes dry subjects are leavened with instructive and inspiring stories
about a wide variety of inventive, persistent farmers from Long Island and
Vermont to Texas and Montana, ranging from novices to old-timers.
Thistlethwaite’s experience teaching beginning farmers is evident in the
logical, easy-to-follow, realistic but encouraging text, which will help
separate the wheat from the chaff. “If you are not prepared for some serious
hard work, inclement weather, dirt lodged in every crevice of your body, and
being so dog-tired that you fall into your easy chair at night and don’t wake
up until the next morning, then you might look into another vocation,” she
says. (Jan.) ”

You can order the book directly from the publisher, on sale until the end of

You can hear Rebecca speak at one of the following upcoming events:Chelsea_Green_Logo010612
Santa Cruz, CA Jan. 22nd Capitola Book Cafe
Pacific Grove, CA Jan. 24th Eco-Farm Conference
Portland, OR Feb. 8th Organicology Conference

For more info. on the book, consulting, and speaking events, please see

Thank you all- this book has been inspired by and written with the help of many of you. I hope it helps you build the kind of food businesses that are good for you, your community, and the planet.
-Rebecca Thistlethwaite


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