rice farming apprenticeship

Yes you CAN (grow rice in Vermont)! Check out this great internship opportunity courtesy of the Greenhorns’ blog “the irresistible fleet of bicycles.”

the irresistible fleet of bicycles

Apprenticeship in Rice and Duck Agriculture, with profit-share
May 2013-October 2013dante-460x818
Boundbrook Farm, Ferrisburgh, Vermont
Boundbrook Farm is the largest wet rice farm in the northeastern U.S., and is a regional leader in ecological rice production on a small-commercial scale.  We use ducks for weed control and use a variety of specialized equipment for irrigation, seedling propagation, transplanting, harvest, and processing.  Our rice fetches a premium price in regional markets.

We are seeking a full-time apprentice to focus on rice operations.  Strong interest and some background in rice specifically (or small grains generally) is preferred.  Must be organized and capable of self-direction, and capable of sustained physical labor.  Leadership experience helpful as we will bring in volunteers as needed.  Mechanical skills a plus.  Seasonal housing provided, shared with one other apprentice.  Work will be coordinated by the farm owner (Erik).  We offer an unparalleled education in all aspects of small…

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