Make Them Stop

Another plug from me about the upcoming farm tours workshop next Thursday 9-12! Tara makes some excellent points here–check out more from Rutland Harvest Watch!

Harvest Watch


by Tara Kelly

I’ve done a bit of traveling this season with my partner and kids.  As a sociologist and community planner, I am deeply interested in what makes a community tick.  When I arrive somewhere I immediately start scanning for clues.  Each location reveals a lot about their history, current values and aspirations for the future through their development patterns, what gets covered in their newspapers, traffic patterns, transportation options, types of businesses, what they choose to highlight in the free guides to the area, and finally what is available in their grocery stores, farm stores and farmers markets – if you can find them.

One of the places we visited this past month was a somewhat rural part of New Jersey.  With a goal of spending some time in NYC, but not breaking the bank on lodging, we found ourselves in Vernon, NJ.  I’d never spent any time…

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