Farmers To You Expanding, Strengthening Connections to Boston Markets

Farmers to You has recently received a loan from the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund that will allow the successful start-up to expand. According to SJF “the Flex Fund’s investment was used to support FTY’s expansion and relocation to a new, larger hub facility, the purchase of additional equipment, addition of key staff, and the streamlining of their website and ordering system.  Additionally, with the help of the Flex Fund, FTY was able to leverage our funding to secure additional royalty financing from key Boston-area investors who bring not only their financial support, but access to their networks and connections as well.”

Customers of Farmers To You are based in the Boston Area and are required to order a minimum of $40 worth of products on a weekly basis. The expansion of the business could mean increased access to Boston markets for small Vermont producers.

Check out Burlington Free Press’s article: Farmers to You links Vermont to Boston.

According to FTY’s website “Farmers To You is a partnership of Vermont area farmers and Boston area families committed to rebuilding a trustworthy and sustainable regional food system. Through weekly deliveries of fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, grains and more, Farmers To You offers a bridge between the bountiful gifts of dedicated farmers and the needs of busy families. Safe, nutrient dense food is packed personally to your order and delivered year round to the convenience of your neighborhood at home, school or work. Reaching across the dinner table to the valley and hill farms of Vermont, Farmers To You helps family members connect to each other, their communities, and the benefits of a revitalized local food system.”


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