Get Started with Berry Production!

Online Course Starts in November

Whether you’re brand new to farming or an experienced farmer considering adding berries to your enterprise mix, this 6-week online course will help you get started with the big three berries–strawberries, blueberries, and brambles–as well as some lesser-known berry crops like currants and gooseberries. Sign up to learn about:

  • Primary considerations when choosing a site for successful berry farming
  • Basic cultural demands of the 3 major berry crops (strawberry, blueberry and brambles)
  • Cultural requirements of an array of lesser known berry crops
  • Pest complexes of the major berry crops
  • Post-harvest requirements of berries
  • Considerations for successful marketing of berry crops
  • How to analyze costs vs. expenses and be able to incorporate them into a business plan

The information in this course is designed with Northeast growers in mind, though producers from other regions may register too. It is led by Laura McDermott, a berry specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension. You’ll also hear from farmers and other ag specialists in live weekly webinars, which will complement reading materials, discussion forums, and resource links in the course’s virtual classroom.

This 6-week course costs $200. Registration closes when the course fills up, or by Nov. 12, whichever happens sooner. So don’t delay, visit to learn more and to register.

This online course is only one of many offered this Fall, Winter, and Spring by the Cornell Small Farms Program and Cornell Cooperative Extension, on topics ranging from financial recordkeeping to raising poultry. Visit to learn more!


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