UVM New Farmer Project classes for aspiring & beginning farmers

Growing Places class for Aspiring and Start-Up Farmers
Do you wonder what it would mean to turn your farming hobby into a farm business?  Do you have an agricultural business idea but aren’t sure how to get started?  The UVM Extension New Farmer Project and the VT Women’s Ag Network have teamed up to offer the class Growing Places, designed specifically for aspiring farmers and those considering a career in agriculture.  Offered in Morrisville, Berlin and Brattleboro, the class is organized into modules, each addressing a different aspect of business development. Each session pulls in experts in that particular topic area to give depth to the lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises that make up the course format. Registration deadline is October 3Early registration discounts and scholarships available.  For more information or to register, email newfarmer@uvm.edu or visit http://www.uvm.edu/newfarmer.

Vermont New Farmer Project Classes
Are you interested in starting a ag based business or are you looking for assistance to help your new farm business grow?  The UVM Extension New Farmer Project offers a range of classes for all stages of farm business development.  Classes begin in October and continue through the winter and are offered at locations around the state. Whether you are just beginning to think about making a business out of a farm or need to restrategize a current farm business, the UVM Extension New Farmer Project offers classes geared specifically toward your needs.  Early registration discounts and scholarships are available.  For more information, visit http//www.uvm.edu/newfarmer and click on “Classes.”  For direct assistance, email newfarmer@uvm.edu or call 802-223-2389 x203. 

Growing Places: for aspiring and start-up farmers, registration deadline October 3, online course registration deadline December 28
Building a Sustainable Business: for start-up farmers and farmers in need of a business plan, registration deadline November 28
Taking Stock: for restrategizing farmers, registration deadline October 25
Whole Farm Planning for Beginning Women Farmers: for women farmers with 2-10 years farm management experience, application deadline November 1
Introduction to Ag Financial Management: open to all, registration deadline January 30


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