News from Vermont Technical College (VTC)

Vermont Tech is planning to create a dairy and food processing facility for community use.  We have submitted a grant proposal to help us build a processing center within the Vermont Tech Enterprise Center on Route 66.  The facility will have two production spaces.  One will have the capability to process milk into fluid milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, yogurt, pudding, and other dairy products.  The other will be set up to process, prepare, package, and freeze vegetables, fruit, and berries.  We are very excited about what this facility will offer to Vermont Tech and the community at large.

VTC will use the facility to process some of its own farm products part of each week.  The remaining days of the week, the facility will be available to area farms and specialty food producers to use as a community food processing facility.  In addition to the processing capacity, the Vermont Tech Enterprise Center, which is a business incubator, will offer programs and assistance to help people develop their business through product development, marketing, distribution, and business operations.

I invite you to attend an event at VTC on October 12th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, at Langevin House.  At 1:00, we are presenting a workshop titled, Social Media Marketing for Agribusiness: How to market your value-added farm products more effectively using social media.  Following this, we will introduce the community food processing project in more detail and seek input from area producers about how they might use the facility and what capabilities they might like included.

Immediately after this discussion, we will make the award presentations for the 2012 VTC Business Plan Competition and follow with a reception. Here’s the link to register for the event:  Social Media Marketing for Agribusiness

We would appreciate it if you would share this with any people or email lists that you think might be interested.  We hope to have a good turnout for a great marketing program, the discussion of the Community Dairy and Food Processing Center, and our awards presentations. Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you or share more information.




Steve Paddock, Director   

Vermont Tech Enterprise Center

Business Incubator


1540 VT Route 66

Randolph, VT 05060



P.O. Box 188

Randolph Center, VT  05061



Office:  802 728-9101

Fax:       802 728-3026


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