Nine Marketing Tips to Heat Up Late Summer Sales

This is some great info from UVM Ext.’s New Farmer Project.

UVM Extension New Farmer Project

For many of us, August is peak production month, and its easy to feel overwhelmed. But to make the most of your farm’s bounty, it’s also important to keep some attention on your marketing efforts. Here are a few quick tips to help with summer sales:

1. Make sure your booth or store has “curb” appeal. “Your farm stand or booth doesn’t have to be fancy, but it has to be neat and welcoming,” says farm marketing consultant Rose Wilson, who specializes in working farms and small businesses. “Think of your exterior presentation just like realtors do when selling a house. Curb appeal.”

2. Now, bring the same critical eye inside your farmstand or store. Do your displays draw customers further in? Whether you’re at farmers market or at your own farm store, it’s important to keep your products looking fresh and appealing. Learn more about easy ways to…

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