Greenhouse Tomato Workshop TODAY!

Greenhouse Tomato Production
Monday, August 6, 3­-6pm, VOF social to follow
Woods Market Garden of Brandon, VT MAP

Join Jon Satz as he explains his strategies for managing roughly 8,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space dedicated to the production of organic tomatoes. Jon will discuss grafting techniques, varietal selection, pruning, and disease and pest management-including unique environmental controls. The greenhouses, which are peak ventilated and heated primarily by biomass, will also be discussed. Jon has been farming at Wood’s Market Garden since 2000, and had started growing a decade before. The farm raises about 50 acres of organic crops, with a mix of vegetables and oilseeds. There are also several greenhouses for the production of bedding plants. The Vermont Organic Farmers social to follow will feature products from Woods Market Garden. Participate in tasting of certified organic products and provide input on VOF’s marketing campaign. Held in collaboration with NOFA-VT.


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